Dad Letter to Chlid in Program

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This is a letter from a father who’s daughter is in our Children of Incarcerated Parents Program.

To My Daughter,

It has been years since the night my poor judgment removed me from your life. In an instant, my lack of discipline and commonsense, cost you the life every little girl is entitled to, to have a loving, caring father by their side to guide and protect them as they go through life. My actions caused you to have to pay the price for my wrong doings. That’s not fair, and I am so very sorry.

I am sorry I wasn’t there to teach you the things I should have taught you. How to ride a bike, shoot a basket or fly a kite. I wasn’t there to help you learn to read and write, take you trick-or-treating, cook with you, play with you, or to comfort you when you were sad. I missed your first day of school, your first dance and too many birthdays and Christmases to ever make-up for. I’ve missed all the things that make you who you are, and I am so very sorry for that.

I would give anything to go back and be the father I should have been for you. I would pay any price to ease the pain I’ve caused you the slightest bit. I would do anything for one more chance to be the father I wish I was and that you deserve to have.
One thing that I hope you know and will always remember is none of this is your fault. You are the best part of my life, even though I’m not a part of yours now. You are a wonderful little girl and you will grow into a wonderful woman. You will have a wonderful life and hopefully have wonderful children of your own.

You are my every thought, my reason for the change I’m finally beginning to make. Please know that I love you with every ounce of my heart. You are my world.


New Pilot Program 2018 “FRESH START” Juvenile Aftercare

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This program will consists of Reintegrative Services designed to prepare juveniles offenders, who are placed out of their homes, for reentry into the community from which they came. The main goal is to reduce and prevent recidivism rates of juvenile offenders. This program will focus on Six Critical Elements, 1. Assessment of Risk, 2. Cognitive-Behavioral Functioning, 3. Family Engagement, 4. Release Readiness, 4. Permanency Planning, 5. Workforce Competencies.

Children of Incarcerated Parents Christmas Visit 2017

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Christmas is for Families and Children, so it was an honor to take a group of 25 children to visit their parents on Christmas day. Our Children’s visit concludes are year on a high note, it is truly one of our most beloved days. The joy of seeing the smiles on the faces of the children, and the tears on the faces of the parents. To be able to make this day Possible is a blessing. This sums up our year of service and letting you know, our donors that none of this would be possible without your caring, thoughtfulness and generosity. As we move forward into a new year, we here at It’s Possible Inc., will continue to do things to make our communities, clients and families safer, healthier and happier.

Passing of Adult Client

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It’s Possible Inc. sadly announces the passing of one adult client in 2017.

Mark Randolph  42

Another Bronze Donor!

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It’s Possible Inc, would like to thank our latest Bronze Donor:

Sherry F. McCowan
521 N. Market Street
Inglewood, California 90302

Hair Kutz 4 Kids Event

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Hair Kutz 4 Kids

It’s Possible continues to move forward, even though we are a very small agency our work is very large. We continue to the best with our clients. We launch a new program entitled Family Matters, we took a small group of kids to visit their parents who where incarcerated. It’s possible Inc, is not for sure what we like to call our program. Here are the choices maybe you can help. 1. Family Matters 2. Children of Incarcerated Parents program. let us know.

Hair Kutz 4 Kids a co-sponsored event for kids heading back to school in conjunction with Mr. Henry Davis.

New Bronze Donor!

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It’s Possible Inc, would like to thank our latest Bronze Donor:

Dr. Monica B. Swope, DDS Inc.
DBA Kingdom Family Dentistry
772 Waycross Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45240

Legion Motorcycle Riders of South Bend Indiana Donation

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It’s Possible Inc was happy to donate two bicycles to the Legion Motorcycle  Riders of South Bend Indiana.

Welcome Back

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Kevin Brown, MSW Individual Care Specialist

Kevin Brown, MSW Individual Care Specialist

Mr. Brown brings a wealth of experience to IPI, in both Human and Social Services. In his previous position in New York City he was a Manager of a Transitional Housing Program in Brooklyn, New York. Mr. Brown has experience in Group Home Supervision, Foster Care and Mentoring. Mr. Brown will be in charge of Intake, client assessments and groups.

2015 Program Results

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We had another successful year in 2015.  Here is a sample of the imapact and siccess we had within our community.

Outcomes 2015:

  • Over 145 clients served.
  • 25 Active Men in Program, 3 women & 17 Youths
  • New Transitional Housing Program, 4 Bedroom Home to 5 Employed Males
  • Started Working on Youth Home
  • 30 Graduates from Employment Readiness Program