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Our employment placement efforts begin when a participant Intensive Care Specialist arranges for him to meet with our Job Developer. Since we have developed numerous relationships with organizations that are willing to hire our formerly incarcerated, we are now able to guarantee at least one job interview for nearly every participant in the program ( some participants may have restrictions and cannot work certain hours we may secure). Additionally what will be an asset to our employers is we will closely monitor our participant’s in order to foresee any patterns of behavior that may be leading towards a termination of employment. At that point we will meet with the participant and input a correction action plan, if the issues continue we will terminate the participant from our program and thus terminating their employment. IPI feels that this interjection benefits both the employer and IPI and keeps the working relationship positive for our agency. Since all of our employment linkages are willing to hire formerly incarcerated individuals, our participants do not experience the despair of seeing employers look shocked after hearing their criminal record. Instead they go with a positive attitude to the interview.